So Cal Akitas

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So Cal Akitas

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We have AKC Akita Puppies!

We emphasize proper training, socialization and health care, whether you have had experience with Akitas in the past, or you are a new to the breed. Don't be tempted by an Akitas beautiful looks. There is so much more to owning an Akita. They are big beautiful creatures, with a streak of stubbornness, aloof personalities, and a mind of their own. Being clever is what they do best!

Akitas are natural guardians of the home and don't require any training to turn them into guard dogs (If you're looking to specifically train one of our puppies as a guard dog, please look somewhere else. Our puppies are bred to be family members ONLY). When there is a reason to protect family and property, your Akita will act to do so. Akitas do not bark unless there is a good reason. When an Akita is barking, pay attention. We don't have a doorbell, if our dogs start barking, we immediately go outside because someone they don't know is usually here or something that needs our attention is going on.

I'd like to make it quite clear that an Akita is not the right choice for everyone. They are gorgeous, smart, loyal, and make great family dogs with the right family. They need a strong leader, and plenty of training. Akitas can become aggressive towards strangers, other animals they don't know and sometimes even food aggressive towards other pets. I strongly recommend researching this breed to enable you to be well educated in what it means to have a beautiful creature like an Akita. With beauty comes work.

An Akita in the right hands will be loving, caring, respectful, protective and most of all Loyal to its family!

Welcome To our home on the web! We are located in Southern California, right in between San Diego, and Los Angeles California. We are a small hobby breeder dedicated in producing outstanding quality Akitas with temperaments that can be trusted. We take great pride in our Akitas, so please take a moment to get to know them and to learn more about us.